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While honoring each individual student as a unique learner, our mission is to encourage the highest standards of academic achievement, personal responsibility, and love for learning in a nurturing Christian environment.  At Harbor Christian Schools, certified teachers help create this lifelong love for learning by providing stimulating, hands-on and interactive educational experiences. 


Founded in 2002, our focus at HCS is our students.  Our faculty exists to provide an exceptional college preparatory, secondary and primary grade education within a diverse Christian atmosphere. Respect for self, for each other, for the learning process, and for our world are hallmark behaviors for all who form the HCS family.

In addition to academic excellence, we at HCS believe that in order to produce well-rounded graduates ready to make a difference in a challenging world, our emphasis must be on Christian values, active participation in the life of the school through various activities and service, character building, and sportsmanship.


Harbor Christian Schools was born out of the need for superior, individualized education this side of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge.  To date, we are the only Christian school in Gig Harbor offering educational choices through high school.

Simply put, HCS graduates are prepared for the rigors of a university education and have learned the skills to participate in their communities and the world at large.  They are ready for success.



Bonnie Mudge



The vision and mission of Harbor Christian Schools is rooted in the Christian world-view and way of life as revealed in creation and the Bible.  We believe in one true God, manifested by the Father, revealed in His Son, Jesus Christ, and made real in our hearts and lives by the Holy Spirit.


We believe that honoring scriptural principles is central to our life purpose.  Therefore, we aim to educate by integrating Christian principles with understanding of the natural world, human history, culture and the arts.


We do not intend to replace the church or family in educating and shaping youth.  We view our role as assisting them by providing a quality education and encouraging godly character formation.  We aim to do this first by embracing Christ's call to love and serve Him and we believe this becomes evident in the world by our love and service to others.


We believe each student possesses unique gifts, strengths, talents and learning styles and as educators, we seek to identify, affirm, strengthen and utilize them to the fullest.  We believe in modeling respect and maintaining a student's dignity as we provide a learning environment in which leadership skills, self-discipline and interpersonal skills are developed.


We purpose to respectfully challenge our students to enhance problem-solving skills and reach their academic, social, and spiritual potential.  In summary, our program seeks to integrate academics with opportunities for character development through Christian teaching as well as role modeling of Christian values and morals by staff.


The HCS philosophy of education can be summed up in the following way:


To provide an individualized, hands-on, interactive learning environment where students are respectfully challenged to develop:

  • self-discipline

  • problem-solving abilities

  • critical thinking skills


To encourage and mentor students to achieve their fullest potential:

  • academically

  • socially

  • physically

  • spiritually

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